How A Bail Bond Agent Decides To Help Or Not


When a person, who is in jail, contacts a bail bond agent, it is because this person needs help getting out of jail and does not have enough cash to pay the bail him or herself. A call to a bail bond agent does not guarantee a way out of jail, but it is usually a good option to try. When a bail bond agent gets the call, here are some details about how the agent responds to the request.

The Agent Could Turn Down Helping the Person

You should understand that bail bond agents take huge risks when bailing someone out of jail. They risk losing the entire bail amount if the person fails to abide by court orders, and this can be a lot of money in many cases. This is the main reason that agents are selective with agreeing to help people and this is also why bail bond agents thoroughly analyze a person before agreeing to help. If a person appears to be too risky, the agency could deny offering to help. In other words, the agency could deny the request, which would leave the person in jail and in need of a different way out.

The Agent Could Agree to Help

If the agent decides to bail the person out through a bail bond loan, the agent could agree to this with or without conditions. If the person has a history clear of crimes and does not pose flight risks, the agency might bail the person out without any conditions. The agency would view this case as a low-risk case and would not have to worry about it.

If a person is a flight risk and has a sketchy background, the agent might agree to bail him or her out but may place conditions on the deal. One condition might be that the person must call in to the agency every week, or he or she might be required to stop in to see the agent in person each week. There are a variety of other conditions the agency might also put in place when agreeing to bail someone out of jail.

Calling a bail bond agent is often the only option a person has when sitting in jail. If you need help and have no one else to call, contact a bail bondsman to find out if they are willing to help you get out of jail.


3 February 2020

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