Defending Against Felony Charges Connected With Road Rage


Road rage may be considered a criminal offense if you took some sort of aggressive action. If you apparently intended to cause harm to another and may actually have done so, law enforcement officials believe you should receive appropriate punishment that fits the behavior. That might be a steep fine if the offense is viewed as a traffic violation, but it could be a felony charge that carries the risk of prison time.

The Hazards of Road Rage

Nationwide, road rage has caused hundreds of fatalities and thousands of serious injuries. Some of those fatalities have been caused by gunfire when a person became so enraged he or she was ready to commit murder. Most, though, are caused by fatal crashes when a driver either loses control or uses the vehicle as a deadly weapon. 

Aggressive Behavior Without Intent

Your criminal defense attorney will want to show that you may have been behaving aggressively but not intending to cause harm. Many drivers are occasionally aggressive for one reason or another. Often they are short on time, which makes them feel aggravated when they cannot travel as fast as they want to. They may swerve in and out of traffic and tailgate the driver in front. They may cut drivers off and run through a red light.

Defending Against Assault Charges

If you have been charged with assault, your criminal defense lawyer may need to use a different strategy. Incidents have occurred in which both drivers stopped and the one acting out of rage attacked the other with a baseball bat, hockey stick or tire jack. Sometimes the assault only involves bare fists, but a person can cause serious injury this way when one is much stronger than the other.

Assault also may be charged if you intentionally used your vehicle to bump the other car from behind or from the side. That can cause a serious accident that could even harm other people traveling on the road. Witnesses may provide statements saying this is exactly what happened.

Chasing another car recklessly through highway traffic and causing a collision may be viewed as assault. Once again, not only the target of this chase but other individuals could be seriously injured.

What to Do Now

If you need legal representation after being charged with a criminal offense connected with road rage, contact a defense attorney like Wilder Law Firm. These lawyers typically provide free consultations so you can learn more about how your case might be handled.


24 January 2020

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