3 Common Consequences Of A DUI


You probably wish you could go back and ask a friend to drive you instead of driving after you had a few beers, but there is nothing you can do now. You must simply go through the process of your DUI case and hope for the best. While courts view all cases on a unique basis, there are some common consequences a person can receive from a DUI case, including the following three.


Probation is something that will often last six months to a year and may require visiting a probation officer several times. Probation gives the court an extra way to monitor a person and offers a way for that person to prove him or herself. Being on probation is not extremely fun, though, especially if the court requires formal probation.

Formal probation requires more meetings with a probation officer and more requirements for you, while informal probation has fewer requirements and meetings. You would not get to choose which type you get. The court would choose for you.

Alcohol Class

It is also common for courts to punish DUI offenders by requiring they take an alcohol course. The purpose of the course is to help a person see the dangers, risks, and consequences of driving under the influence. It is an educational type of course that may last for one day or longer, and it has the goal of making people think more before they decide to drink and drive. You can learn a lot from the course, but it will also take up some of your time and will cost money to take.

Ignition Interlock Device

There are also times when courts require offenders to install devices in their vehicles to monitor their blood-alcohol levels. This is called an ignition interlock device, and it will require paying someone to install it and paying for monthly monitoring fees. Courts require this in many cases as it prevents a person from driving while impaired. The person blows into a mouthpiece on the device, and this tests the amount of alcohol the person has in their system. The car will not work if it detects alcohol. If you need this, it might be something you must have for just a few months, or the court may require you to use it for much longer.

A DUI is a more serious offense than most other traffic violations, and you can expect consequences. You might be able to minimize the consequences by hiring a good lawyer, though. To consult a DUI attorney, contact a law firm in your area.


20 January 2020

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