Both Sides Of The Sex Crime Fence: Victims And Criminals Defended, But Differently


Sex crimes seem to have the most crimes listed from state to state. If you were a police officer working against sex crimes, you would might know a thing or two about how common those kinds of crimes are. As a sex crimes lawyer, you have to defend both criminal and victim, and that is not always easy, as the following sex crimes will show. 

Rapists and Rape Victims

You have rape victims and those that stand accused of rape. However, this is not a clear-cut sex crime. Sometimes you have someone who is accused of rape, but did not do the crime at all because he/she was miles away from where the rape happened. Sometimes someone is accused of raping a family member, but this is more complex because it is actually a case of incest. Sometimes the situation is an angry or spurned lover accusing another of rape, but really it is an act of vengeance. As a lawyer working to defend the accused, you have to sort out what is really going on, what really happened, and making requests to remove victims that live in the same house with the accused or removing the accused from the house of the victim(s). 

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is equally complex. You might have prostitutes that are willing to sell their bodies for sex and money, but you also have people who were kidnapped/abducted and forced into "the life" by their abductors/kidnappers. There are also those charged with trafficking both adults and children for profit, and moving truckloads of children and adults from one state to another, either as a pimp or as a "provider" to other pimps and sex trafficking rings. Sorting out victims from willing participants and pimps from providers involves multiple legal layers. If you are accused of any of these crimes, a conviction may be imminent, even if you are a victim. Hopefully, and with the help of a really good lawyer, you can get your sentence reduced and get help if you want it. 

Deviant Acts Perpetrated on Unusual Victims

There are also crimes that are much less common. Beastiality (i.e., sex with animals), and crimes where animals are sexually assaulted in gruesome ways, fall under this set of sex crimes. Other "deviant acts perpetrated" might include sodomy with objects on elderly victims and other bizarre acts. When the victims cannot speak up, are vulnerable, or did not ask to be assaulted, then the lawyer usually has to spin the case as a "not guilty by reason of mental defect" case and prove that the client does have a mental defect. As for the victims, the animals involved really have no representation, and human victims and their families are allowed to sue the perpetrator.  


17 January 2020

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